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    Two out of three children live in poverty. Out of the 19 million children in South Africa, nearly 12 million live on less than R965 per onth. 31% live in homes where no dults are employed.

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    Education is a way to break this cycle of poverty, but often poverty is the barrier to accessing the very education needed.

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    While poverty is an overwhelming problem, we are presented with a unique opportunity, an invitation to practice Ubuntu and invest in the leaders of tomorrow. 12,800 Children gifted with Inkanyiso School Shoes. 31 Under-Privileged schools impacted.

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    7 million children don’t own adequate school shoes In some schools, as many as 50% of the children go to school barefoot or with inadequate shoes. Of those who don’t own school shoes, 75% missed school because the journey to school was too difficult or because they were stigmatized.

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Inkanyiso School Shoes

Something as simple as a pair of shoes should not be barrier to a better life for a child.

We believe in a South Africa where every child is empowered to become a leader of tomorrow. While poverty is complex and overwhelming, making a difference can be as simple as partnering together for a common purpose - giving the gift of a pair of school shoes.

Inkanyiso, together with our Partners for Prosperity (such as individuals, community leaders and patriotic businesses), create locally sourced, proudly South African school shoes to gift to children in need. As a Partner, your support means that you can:

  • Support the education of children in South Africa by providing them with quality, durable school shoes, so that no child is left behind.
  • Investing in South Africa’s economy by supporting local manufacturers and suppliers.
  • Investing in job creation in South Africa through the support of local manufacturers and suppliers.


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The Problem

Many children in South Africa do not attend school because they cannot afford a decent pair of shoes. 7 million children have never owned a pair at all. These children have to endure a difficult journey to and from school each day, often over rough terrain and through harsh weather.

What children and teachers say


A pair of shoes may seem like a trivial thing. A pair of shoes alone will not solve all the problems these children face. But it has the power to transform what may seem like an impossible walk to school, over rough terrain and in difficult weather, into a doable task. It ensures that a child’s feet are protected from infection and injuries. It has the power to replace shame, inadequacy and embarrassment with self-confidence, motivation and hope. It instils pride. These things are essential to keeping children in school and ensuring children function optimally once there. Rather than worrying about being bullied or the difficult walk home, a child is able to focus fully on academics. Giving them the opportunity to reach their full potential and a chance to break out of poverty.



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The impact

Small investment, big impact

What children and teachers say