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About Us

The Inkanyiso model | One can create change, but two can create a miracle

For the affordable cost of a new pair of shoes, a child can have a greater opportunity to reach their full potential. How do we achieve this?

Inkanyiso is a social enterprise which believes in our collective power to help South Africa’s children go from poverty to prosperity.

Partners for Prosperity

We partner with individuals, community leaders and patriotic businesses, who recognize the opportunity to make real impact in the communities they live or work in. These Partners for Prosperity fund the purchase of school shoes from Inkanyiso to be gifted to a school of their choice. 

The shoe drops

Inkanyiso establishes the number of children without shoes and their sizes, manufactures the school shoes to order and facilitates the school shoe donation process. Because of our strong relationship with schools, communities and the Department of Education, we are also able to identify schools in line with our Partners’ marketing strategy or brief, to ensure their CSI/CSR program has the greatest impact and create shared value.

The shoe/Inkanyiso shoes are affordable without compromising on quality, ensuring that each child has well fitted, durable shoes. Using local suppliers and manufacturers, our shoes not only benefit children in need, but the South African economy too!

Want to become a Partner for Prosperity?

For the cost of a new pair of shoes, you can support a South African child’s education.

Previous Partners for Prosperity

Anglo Gold Ashanti, Ceramic Industries, Simamisa Farming, Dream African Foundation, Hollywood Bets, Kaya FM, South32, Kimberley Ekapa Mining, Harmony Gold, Northam Platinum Zondereinde Mine


About Inkanyiso | The leaders of tomorrow are the youth of today

We have a saying in isiZulu, “Inkunzi Isematholeni.” It translates to, “The bull is amongst the calves,” and reminds us that the leaders of tomorrow are found in the youth of today.

Inkanyiso was founded on this belief. We live and work to empower the leaders of tomorrow by ensuring that no child goes to school barefoot. Through our social enterprise, we use local suppliers and manufacturers to produce proudly South African school shoes for children in need.

Our Partners benefit either from our level 1 B-BBEE status (contributing to your overall B-BBEE points) or our NPO and PBO status (giving you tax exemption for your donation). Our beneficiaries are 100% Black African school children from disadvantaged backgrounds.